A Guide to Dimensional Letters

Dimensional letters make more visual appeal than a regular 2 dimensional sign. Attaching 3 dimensional letters to the wall makes a sleek, contemporary appearance that will certainly impress your clients. The unique design will add personality to your building or shop and create an attractive display for all who pass by your establishment. You can choose from many popular fonts including American letter, Bodog, Brandy Alexander, Cobble stone, Diamond Plate, Elmo, Fire Pit, Frizz, Horseshoe, Jacob & Oliver, John Lewis, Ladybug, Lion & Star, Mariner, Monticello, Okasana, Old Town, Pearl, Phoenix, Pizzelle, Redwork, Rosebud, Royal, Safari, Silver Star, San Francisco, Shutter, Spectrum, Staple and Vanish.

Dimensional letters


Many of the signs in this mounting style come with double sided tape for easy removal. You may also choose to mount your sign on one side with the double sided tape and on the other side without the tape. If you prefer the removable double sided tape, be sure to purchase mounting hardware that will fit your sign company’s mounting frame size. When choosing your sign company, it is important that you choose one with years of experience in the business. A sign company that has been in business for a long time will probably have the best quality and customer service available.


This mounting style is ideal for outdoor advertising because it allows your dimensional lettering to be seen from all angles. It will also enhance the natural lighting in your reception areas. The letters can also be mounted outside on the side of the building facing the street so that passersby will see your business name, logo, or slogan. Visit Memphis custom signs by clicking the link www.memphiscustomsigns.com/ to help with mounted style outdoor advertising.


This mounting style is also ideal for indoor businesses. Just like the outdoor lettering, it will enhance the natural light in your office. However, it also offers some additional benefits that make it worth your while. Acrylic is an extremely durable material that doesn’t crack, chip, or break. Acrylic is also clear that enables it to be printed in full color and unlimited thicknesses. This characteristic makes acrylic sign printing perfect for businesses that need an economical but bolder approach.


As discussed, this mounting style will allow you to advertise your business in both outdoor and indoor areas. You can mount your dimensional lettering on metal, wood, or acrylic material. In order to ensure that your signage will be seen from as many directions as possible, you should consider using brass tubing. Although brass tubing is not as appealing as the other materials mentioned, it is a strong and sturdy material that will withstand the elements. In addition, brass tubing is typically constructed with an epoxy coating, which will provide additional protection.


Finally, you should consider adding dimension to your dimensional letters by creating a textured surface along the top of the sign. Depending upon your location and budget, this may include adding decorative metal touches, mounting the sign on various walls, or adding a mural to the top of the textured surface. One advantage of textured surfaces is that they offer the ability to add depth and dimension to your signage. Since the textured surface runs the full length of the sign, you can achieve the effect of either a broad or a narrow shape depending upon the space that you have available. In addition, textured surfaces offer a unique and interesting way to personalize the look of your business.